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AppleOne has been very professional and has considered my career path to be very beneficial to the work force. The recruiter provided suggestions on how to improve marketing myself and has helped me gain confidence in finding the appropriate position.

- Rich Robles -


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W2 Information

2014 W2 Statements are being mailed on Monday, January 26, 2015.

Request for Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN): If you are looking to obtain our company's Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), please be aware that the IRS prohibits the filing of electronic returns without a W2.  Therefore our company will not be able to provide that information.  We ask that you wait until you receive your W2 in the mail, which will be mailed on January 26th, 2015.

Wrong Addresses: If you have not received your W2 statement due to an incorrect or changed mailing address; please contact the branch in which you were registered with so they may update your information in their database and provide you with a W2 request form, or use our Office Locator to find a branch near you that can assist.

The W2 request form should be used to request duplicate copies of your W2 statement, and can be downloaded as an Acrobat PDF or Word Document from this website. Should you need it, a free version of Adobe's Acrobat reader software is available.

Undeliverable W2s will be returned to the branch in which you, the employee, were registered with or to the branch your check was last sent to. Please follow up with that branch to determine if your W2 statement has been returned to them before completing a W2 request form.

Request for Duplicate W2 Statements can be made by completing a W2 Request form (available at any AppleOne branch and on our AppleOne website as an Acrobat PDF or Word Document.) Please allow 10-15 business days for your written request to be processed. Requests should be forwarded directly to our Corporate Headquarters, attn: W2 Request Department - P.O. Box 29048 Glendale, CA. 91209. Due to the volume of requests being received at this time, as well as to protect the confidentiality of this information, we regret to announce that we cannot accept requests for duplicate W2 statements via fax, phone or e-mail. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please know that incomplete information can and will cause your requests to be delayed. Should you need it, a free version of Adobe's Acrobat reader software is available.

Incorrect Social Security Numbers will require a corrected W2 (W2-C) to be issued. If you have received a W2 with an incorrect social security number, we ask that you provide a copy of your W2s along with a copy of your social security card, directly to the branch you were registered with, or use our Office Locator to find a branch near you that can assist. Your branch will have to work directly with corporate to merge the earnings to the correct social security number and issue a corrected W2 statement. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR CORPORATE OFFICE DIRECTLY.

Employees who have worked for more than one of our divisions (AppleOne, Apple Industrial, or Act-1) or as a temporary and staff employee will receive separate W2s.

Employees who only worked for one division, but more than one office and more than one state as a temporary employee will receive only one W2.

In order to determine whether or not separate W2s were issued please note the following:

  • If your assignment was with ONE Company only (i.e. AppleOne) and you worked in more than one office or more than one state, you will receive ONE W2 reflecting your total earnings.
  • If your assignment(s) consisted of working for more than one division of our company (i.e. AppleOne & Apple Industrial) you will receive a separate W2 for each company you worked for.
  • If you have worked as both a temporary associate of our company and a staff employee, you will receive separate W2s. One will be issued for your earnings received as a temporary associate, and a second W2 will be issued for the earnings earned as a staff employee.

W2 Information Line: Please feel free to contact our W2 information line @ 800-872-2677 ext. 992292.


AppleOne went far beyond the other agencies. By initiating the paperwork process online, it streamlined the process, making it more professional (no hand written forms) and allowed for more accuracy. Taking time to meet with applicants personally and on a regular basis during the job search is a great way to feel connected. They go out of their way to make you feel special.

- Julie Patterson -


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