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Setting Goals At Work – 5 Things You Plan to Accomplish This Year

It’s the traditional time to set goals that will stretch and challenge you on the job throughout the year. The question is, how do you avoid the New Year’s Resolution syndrome of diligently tackling your goals for awhile then eventually neglecting them? One way is to keep them manageable and to focus on five things you plan to accomplish this year. Here are some effective approaches to that will help you organize and focus on tackling your five goals. More...

The First Day - What to Wear?

By Sheila Horne Mason

The first day of a temp assignment is an excellent opportunity to make a good first impression.  One of the best ways to make this impression is to dress appropriately.  However, what is considered appropriate business attire varies from company to company these days.  Unless you are given specific instructions by your Account Executive, it can be quite confusing to know what is the best thing to wear.  You may be told that the dress code is “Corporate Casual” or “Business Casual.”   But these terms can just add to the confusion, since even industry experts have differing ideas about what they mean. More...

It’s Your Career – Take Control!

by Catherine B. Beck
Davies-Black Publishing, 256 pages, $14.25

With New Year’s resolutions still on the front burner, now is a good time to start mapping out your professional future. Whether you are launching a career, changing jobs or interested in revitalizing your existing career, this comprehensive book establishes guidelines to get you where you want to go. Too often, job seekers tend to blame the job market or the timing of their job search instead of focusing on the one variable they really do have control over — themselves. More...

Q. "I just got back from an interview at one of your branches. The person I spoke with told me to cut a lot of material from my resume, but I think that would be a really big mistake. I have a great deal of specialized experience. I think that's really what's going to make me stand out and prove my value to future employers. How can I stand out if I have the same one page resume with generic, non-specific bullet points that everybody else has?"

First, to your broader point of does my Account Executive know what they're talking about, yes. They do know, and it's in your best interest to trust them about this kind of thing. Your Account Executive has worked very closely with their client companies to develop a detailed understanding of what those specific companies are looking for. If you are being asked to modify your resume it's only because your Account Executive has determined that is what is needed to give you the best chance at getting that job. We're all working on the same goal here -- getting you a rewarding opportunity that you will enjoy and where you can thrive. More...

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