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Career Cupid: Tips on Living Happily Ever After on the Job

It’s an all-too-familiar feeling. The restlessness, the conviction that there has to be something more – or at least something better – out there. Somewhere out there, the ‘real thing’ awaits, the love of your life, a career to bring fulfillment, happiness and financial independence. More...

Tuning Up and Toning Up Your Resume

The Boy Scout motto “Be prepared” also doubles as good advice for professionals when it comes to their resumes. Your job prospects can turn on a dime and having a tuned up resume at the ready can mean the difference between landing an interview and languishing. Although the Web has made longer resumes slightly more acceptable, most experts agree that a succinct one page summation better serves job seekers. More...

Power Networking

by Marc Kramer
McGraw-Hill, 160 pages, $9.22

Networking is the life blood of a job search and one of the main ingredients to lasting success once you’re in the workplace. Power Networking combines common sense approaches with tried and true techniques that will yield results for those interested in taking their networking to the next level. “Prior to the 1980s, the most successful people were paid for what they knew, not who they knew,” Kramer writes. “That all changed with the break-down of the long-term one-company career.” In many fields, employers want to know how well connected potential hires are. For better or worse, the emphasis now is on who you know, and the best thing to do is accept it and work to succeed within this system. More...

Q: "I went out on several assignments for AppleOne last year. Will I be getting tax forms from all of those companies?"

A: If you were sent out on a temporary assignment by AppleOne, then you were AppleOne's employee, and it will be AppleOne who will be sending you your 2004 W2 statement. More...

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Question: AppleOne is speaking with Visa about developing a pay card as an option instead of a paper check. Your AppleOne pay could be automatically added to your card and conveniently available to make purchases from any company that takes Visa cards or withdrawn from ATMs or at points of purchase in a number of stores. How interested would you be in getting paid in this manner?


Temps of the Month

Congratulations to Those Who Made it this Month!  More...