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Career Issues

What It Takes to be Temp of the Month

Recognition and rewards. Enhanced career prospects. Excellent job references. Commendation from clients and supervisors. Bonus checks. More exciting and enriching opportunities. As an associate, you stand to gain many or even all of these advantages when you become Associate of the Month. And if becoming a full-time employee is part of your plans, earning this recognition is a definite boost toward your goal. More...

Career Spotlight

Financial Analyst

If you are a fast learner, have a passion for details, possess an analytical mind, enjoy working systematically and consider yourself a people person, you might want to consider a future as a Financial Analyst. More...

Book Review

Power Resumes
-by Ron Tepper
John Wiley & Sons, 304 pages, $14.95

In today's ultra-competitive job market, even a slight advantage in the resume department can push you ahead of the competition. Power Resumes urges job seekers to step into the shoes of hiring managers to learn to look at resumes from the other side of the desk. Tepper recommends identifying your value-added benefits (specific examples of the types of problems you can solve) that will impact an employer's bottom line. Another helpful aspect is that Power Resumes does not just focus on what people are looking for on resumes, but also pinpoints major no-no's that can potentially sabotage a resume. More...

Q. My boss keeps bad talking her boss to me. She seems to expect that I should join in, but I was raised to believe if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything. I'm really not comfortable, but I'm new on the job and don't want to seem like somebody who can't fit in. What should I do?

A. It's always challenging when a supervisor puts unreasonable expectations on behavior or interpersonal relationships. You are right not to want to engage in negativity like that. It can be tremendously demoralizing for all who participate or are subjected to it. More...

Electronic Etiquette

Manners for Modern Day Communication

Voice mail is the death of customer service. Is this phrase as true as it was five years ago? Apparently not. E-mails, video conferences, speakerphones and cellular/portable phones and yes, voice messages - all these have become common - if not preferred - means of communication in the modern business world. However, easier and faster does not always mean better or acceptable, no matter how many people do it. No matter how hi-tech the medium, because we are ultimately communicating with other people, common sense and courtesy are still expected. More...

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Temps of the Month

Congratulations to Those Who Made it this Month! More...


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