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Staying Focused During a Job Search

Conducting a job search is demanding and with so many professionals vying for spots in the workforce, momentum can dwindle and turn to discouragement. Staying focused during your journey involves taking the necessary steps to give yourself a chance to succeed. Maintaining a sense of structure is important from day to day and gives you a sense of accomplishment as you work toward your ultimate goal of landing a job. Here are concrete ways to enhance your chances for success during your search. More...

Net a Job By Networking!

More and more job seekers are finding work, thanks to people whom they have not even met. Such is the power of what is increasingly known as FOAF, or Friend of a Friend networks, the most popular of which being friendster and More...

Diary of a Job Search: One Man's Journey from Unemployment to a New Career
-by Tim Johnston, Laura Lorber (Contributor), Perri Capell (Contributor)

Ten Speed Press, 193 pages, $11.87

Following Tim Johnston's job search journey through his diary entries is a fresh approach to the stressful process of looking for a job. The personal touch here imparts information differently than most career books. Instead of an expert educating people on a subject, he chronicles his ups and downs, counting on others to connect with his experience. The observations and lessons about the current job market in Diary of a Job Search will strike a chord with anyone serious about their career search. More...

Q. I've been keeping an on-line journal for a while now. Recently my boss found out, and asked me to take it down. I really don't see how what I do in my personal life impacts on what I do at work. Can they really make me take it down?

A. In many ways, it may depend on what you discuss in your journal. Of course not being lawyers, we wouldn't be able to comment on the legality of what the company can or can't do. We can tell you that people have recently been terminated as a result of personal web sites that they maintained, and it is definitely something you would think very carefully about. More...

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