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Tackling the Issue of Over-Qualification

As far as career issues go, being over-qualified for a position may seem like it hardly qualifies as a problem. But when you are applying for a lower level position that you highly desire, a hiring manager can raise a host of objections designed to derail your efforts at landing the job. More...

Temp-ting Career Paths

With the values of stability and tenure becoming increasingly outweighed by the desire for more freedom and flexibility, temporary employment is gaining more ground as a smart career move. Temping, also known as contingency staffing or flex work, has evolved greatly in the last decade. More...

Working Identity

by Herminia Ibarra
Harvard Business School Press, 224 pages, $9.71

The premise of this book is revolutionary: instead of reading ingredients for a new career identity, following directions then creating one, readers are treated to a novel approach. Ibarra’s do-it-yourself attitude toward career transitions champions the idea of doing first, then making realizations and assessments. Anyone trying to reinvent themselves professionally will learn from the stories of people who had the initial courage to go out on a limb. Working Identity is ideal for professionals making a career shift who have hesitations about journeying into the unknown. More...

Question: Whenever I have an interview, they always ask me if I have any questions. I never know what to ask. I always end up asking about money or benefits, but my AppleOne rep told me I shouldn't talk about money during the interview.

Answer: Your AppleOne Account Executive is right. You should definitely avoid questions about money or benefits. One strategy is to get the interviewer thinking about you already in the position. For instance, when I start next week, what is the first thing you'd like me to accomplish? More...

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Temps of the Month

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