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Handling the Dreaded “You’re Overqualified” Challenge
by Robin Ryan

It seems I continually hear this complaint: “They aren’t hiring me because I’m overqualified.”  So what should you do if you are credentialed with good experience, advanced education, and are looking to get re-employed, and are even willing to take a lower level position? Here are a few tips:


5 Tips to Manage Your Online Identity

A clean online profile and the right connections to people who give positive pronouncements about your skills can be a catalyst for landing interviews and jobs. Career networking on the Web ranges from professionals joining networks like LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Ryze to posting their resumes on blogs. Unfortunately, an online profile with unbecoming or inappropriate content can jeopardize your search efforts. "A professional's online presence is becoming more relevant to a job search," says Career Counselor Toby Paulson. "Although networking sites, message boards, and blogs can be catalysts, job seekers need to temper their ambition with discretion." Here are five tips on how to manage your online identity to get the maximum career benefits.


The Resume.Com Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes
by Warren Simons and Rose Curtis

Resume writing in the digital age reflects many of the stylistic changes that the Internet has ushered in. Now, more than ever, professionals must grab a reader's attention, effectively use numbers and statistics, and condense information into bullets. Keywords have become critical components of resumes looking to pull past the competition and get noticed. Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time, re-entering or switching fields, The Resume.Com Guide hammers home a current reality. Hiring managers are always on the clock. With their shrinking time to make decisions and the hurried pace to hire, job applicants must address this reality when they compose resumes.


Q. I'm thinking about going back to school in the hopes that I can ride out the current job market, and maybe things will be a little easier when I get out. Does that make sense?

A. It may make sense. That's something that only you can really answer. Some things to ask yourself include:


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