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Find Your True Calling and the Success You Deserve through The Art of Work

Today, many people are looking for work, and many more are striving to find direction and fulfillment in the jobs that they do have. As uncertain economies and unemployment create the doubt that comes with threats of layoffs and reduced career prospects, The Art of Work: How to Make Work, Work for You!, arrives just in time.


The 15-Point College Grad Job-Hunting Study Guide
by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Landing a job—a job you want with an employer you respect—is the ultimate final exam for most college students. Are you the type of student who likes to score well on exams and quizzes? Or are you simply looking for key tools to improve your post-college job-search? Whatever your motivation, this guide contains key tools and resources to help you ace the quiz and have better success with your job-hunting. Understanding and perfecting these 15 areas related to your job-search -- from identifying specific jobs and careers to researching salaries—will give you both greater confidence and success as you seek the best job offer upon graduation.


Q. I get nervous whenever I go into interviews. Is there anything I can do to be more confident.

A. Confidence comes from experience and practice. Make sure that you are prepared with the points you want to hit and then ask friends and family to play the roll of interviewer so that you can practice. If you can line up some interviews with companies you aren't sure you want to work for, then there will be less pressure and you'll be able to get some practice in an actual interview situation. You may even discover you really want that job after all. Also, take heart that often we’re much more aware of our nerves than other people, and most interviewers understand it's a stressful time and they will overlook your nerves or even try to help put you at ease.


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