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Building Credibility and Trust at Work

by Joan Lloyd

How many bad experiences does it take to destroy trust? Just one. That's why it's so important to protect your reputation in your organization. Here are some thoughts to help you, as well as some and mistakes to avoid.


Five Tips for Recent College Grads

The lights have come up and the credits are rolling on your college career. People are expecting bigger and better things from you and you're wondering how to go about delivering them. Entering the job market is serious business, but there are ways to prepare yourself and brighten your prospects. Here are five tips that can make the journey toward your first job smoother and hopefully shorter.


Soaring on Your Strengths

by Robin Ryan

Everyone from recent college grads to rookie career seekers will appreciate Soaring on Your Strengths, an up-to-the minute, bleeding edge guide to navigating the quick-shifting waters of the modern day workplace. Ryan's 20 plus years as a career counselor have served her well toward helping career seekers and employed professionals sculpt what she calls Brand You. True client stories and her personal reflections combine with detailed steps to reveal how to communicate your career identity to the world.


Q. I was just wondering -- "temp-to-hire" -- what does this mean? Does it mean full-time, how long would you be temping at a place till they would decide to hire you or not?

A. Temp-to-hire is like having a trial period for you and for the prospective employer. You are able to evaluate the company and decide if you enjoy the work and the environment. You're also able to prove yourself to the prospective employer in a way that is more comprehensive than what you'd be able to do in a short interview.


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