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In a continuing effort to reach out to our associates and help job seekers connect with employers and potential sources of assistance, AppleOne joined Facebook. This is one of the world's biggest social networks. We're excited about the potential for social networks to advance careers, and we like that you can work on your career while having a little fun as well. In fact, just to add to the fun, we have a little game going on for all of our fans.


Persistence Pays Off During Job Search

As the dog days of summer wind down, many job hunters feel their motivation flagging and find themselves waiting for hiring to gear back up in the fall. Smart job hunters understand that there really is no time in their search when it's good to let off the gas. Although timing may be a factor in when you get hired, a positive attitude and the determination to keep yourself motivated is paramount to finding and landing the job you want. Practicing persistence is a proven way to contend with the doldrums of job hunting. Here are things you can do to maintain a consistent effort that will pay off in the end.


Career Warfare: 10 Rules for Building a Successful Personal Brand on the Business Battlefield
by by David F. D'Alessandro

Branding can be tricky business. The essence of branding is "Know yourself" then shape your skills into something appealing and ultimately hire-able, but Career Warfare stresses the latter part of branding. This is the practice of getting into your audience's mindset to perceive how they will see you. This critical phase is the territory D'Alessandro urges readers to focus on before they step onto the business battlefield. Without it, the people with the power to hire you will have a hard time separating your unique traits from the competition. Career seekers seeking winning strategies that will look good in the eyes of potential employers won't want to pass up this book.


Q. I have no problems getting interviews, and I feel like I nail them when I'm there. However, I never seem to get a call back after the interview. What am I doing wrong?

A. If you're not sending a follow-up/thank you letter to let the interviewer know you appreciate their time and would like the job, you should start that immediately. Beyond that, it can be tough to know if your perception of how things goes matches with the reality of the situation. Try video taping yourself while a friend or trusted colleague conducts a mock interview with you to see if you spot anything. If AppleOne sent you out on the interview, your AE may have notes they got from the client company, so be sure to ask them if there was any feedback. If this is an interview you got on your own, once you're sure you didn't get it, a quick note to let them know you understand and to ask them if they have any advice for you as you move forward in your career may produce results. Make sure the letter doesn't put them on the spot while still managing to ask them for any thoughts they had about your interview style.

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