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Staying Positive in the Face of Setbacks

A job search always promises to be challenging. Being qualified for a position and finding an opening, circulating resumes, utilizing contacts, interviewing – all of these steps are demanding. There are other challenges that job seekers face that often go unnoticed. Keeping up daily job search habits, maintaining your self-esteem in the face of rejection, and networking with people who can connect you to opportunities are other aspects that make up the process. Keeping a positive spin on things is one of the best ways to eventually achieve success. When you talk to potential employers, your state of mind will show through. Here are proactive strategies you can take to keep your job search from taking a turn for the worse:


So, You're Going to Telecommute - Staying Productive Out of the Office

In today's working world, the lines between work and home have become more blurry. Modern technologies allow people to do work from almost any remote location. As a result, many people have become excited about the idea of working from home. Telecommuting can be a great solution for working parents who want to care for their children without taking a leave of absence from work. It can help those who are looking for flexible hours or evening shifts. Telecommuting also appeals to people who just want to avoid traffic and enjoy a relaxed dress code.

Working from home can deliver many benefits, but be careful to avoid the hidden danger of lost productivity. Use these helpful tips to start off on the right foot.


Book Review

The revolutionary premise of Fire Your Boss flies in the face of most career books. Pollan’s message to “fire your boss” really means that you have to regain control of your working life without relying on your manager or company for economic security. His seven-step program is designed to empower workers to become self-reliant and aware of all of their options and no matter where you are in your career, it will instill confidence and make you aware of power you may not be using.


Question: I've searched the AppleOne web site and I've found some positions that interest me. However, the positions are posted from other AppleOne offices. Is it alright to apply for these positions even though it's not the AppleOne office that I visited? I don't want to cause any problems that my hinder my job hunt.

Answer: You can apply to jobs posted by other offices. The person staffing the job will look to the people they know first, so if you are interested in jobs at other offices, you should probably consider registering with that office.


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