A Job Search Begins With Research

In the Information Age, what you don't know can hurt you, and this is especially true when conducting a job search. Trade magazines, company Web sites and newsletters, and annual reports can greatly enhance your job search, and there are other more creative ways to learn about hiring and industry trends. Here are some ways you can take that information and make it work for you during your search.


Let Your Light Shine

by Joan Lloyd

"It's not what you know but who you know that counts." When you don't get the promotion or job you wanted, it's tempting to evoke that old line to salve your wounded ego. Although politics sometimes does play a part in who gets the best pieces of the corporate pie, it's my experience that it's not as political as some cynics believe.


First-Job Survival Guide: How To Thrive And Advance in Your New Career

by Diane C. Decker, Victoria A. Hoevemeyer, Marianne Rowe-dimas

Entering the workforce can be compared to your first day at a new school. Some schools have mentoring, big brother type programs to help newbies navigate, but many workplaces do not. Whether you are a recent graduate or a new employee, the First-Job Survival Guide helps you prepare for your first day and beyond. The authors assert that your first day is critical and deserves a thorough approach, encompassing everything from remembering names to asking plenty of questions.


Q. I just found out that my new office really goes overboard on celebrating Halloween. Everybody decorates their cubes and wears costumes. I've only been here for five months, and I'm not sure what kind of costume to wear. Help!

A. One starting point is to ask people who've been with the company longer than you have what they've worn in the past. You can also ask them about anybody who's gone over-the-top and judge from their reactions whether that person went over-the-top in a good way or a bad way relative to the tone of the office.


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Question: Will you be wearing a costume to work this Halloween?


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