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Tips to Get Noticed at Your Job

Shifting into the spotlight at work and getting noticed for your attitude and accomplishments can mean the difference between languishing in a holding pattern and rising through the ranks. Tooting your own horn is not just more acceptable nowadays – it’s a necessary component to becoming the “total package” that makes getting ahead a possibility. There are traditional approaches like coming in early and staying late, but these days it takes something more to stick out and shine on the job. Getting ahead means getting creative and devising ways to go beyond the usual. Here are some methods for improving your chances of getting noticed.


Staying Fit and Healthy During the Holidays

With the arrival of the holiday season comes the many temptations to overindulge. From the abundance of holiday goodies to the dizzying calendar of family dinners, office parties and other get-togethers, it’s safe to say that gaining weight at this time of year is as easy as apple pie. It’s a common belief that Americans typically gain about five pounds during the holidays. According to a recent study however, the actual weight gain per person only averages to one pound. As reassuring as this sounds, this one pound is rarely shed even after the festivities builds up over the years. So what can you do this to stay in shape and keep from acquiring that notorious – and tenacious – ‘winter fat’?


Book Review

If your resume is your ticket to an interview, you want to make sure that your information is in order and presentable before you give it to a professional in a position to hire you. “You have two minutes to make an impression that can determine the quality of your life for the next 3-10 years,” writes Brenda Greene. With little room for error, job seekers can benefit from the techniques and strategies in Get The Interview Every Time, and learn ways that your resume can take you to better and more exciting career destinations.


Question: Hello! I hope someone can answer these general questions for me.

  1. Do all Account Execs (AEs) know about ALL the jobs listed in their particular office or does only the AE listed as the AppleOne contact for that particular job know of that listing?
  2. Can MORE than one candidate at a time be sent to interview for a particular job from an AppleOne office or does the AE wait to see if one candidate works out before recommending another?
  3. Can my AE (who is NOT listed as the contact) recommend me for a job and send me for an interview?
  4. Who has the FINAL decision on who gets to interview for a job.. only the AE listed for the job?
  5. When I am sent on an interview, will I be required to fill out the HIRING company's application form or, since I am an AppleOne employee, will that step be unnecessary?


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Question: Do you exchange holiday gifts at the office?


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