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Can LinkedIn Help You Land a New Job?
by Robin Ryan, author of 60 Seconds & You’re Hired and Over 40 & You’re Hired

Social networking is all the rage, but can LinkedIn really help you get hired? Yes—with an emphasis on the word “help.” I work closely with my career counseling clients, advising them on how to use this social media more effectively in their job search.


What Motivates You?
by Joan Lloyd, Executive Coach

We all know that motivation comes from the inside, but we also know there are leaders and environments that create a culture where motivation can bloom. So, what motivates you? And does your workplace nurture that or squelch it?


Q.I just started a new job, and I’m not quite sure where I fit it. What should I do?

A. It’s tempting to want to rush in and show them what you can do. There will be time for that, but when you start, take a step back and observe. Get a feel for the dynamics of the new office. Who do people go to? How do the teams interact? Speak with your supervisor about what she or he expects from you. With this knowledge, you should be able to find ways to fit yourself into the team. Remember you are adding what makes you special to an existing team. You don’t want to under-represent or over-represent your particular way of doing things. You want to find the mix that’s just right for you while respecting the dynamics of the existing team.

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Question: What motivates you?