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The Core

Refresh Your Resume, Refresh Your Job Search

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and unemployment numbers continue to fall to the lowest levels since the recession began. It’s a great time to regroup and let the joy of Spring encourage you to spring forward in your career search as well. Whether you’re looking to return to the workforce, or interested in making a job change, now is a great time to get yourself out there and take advantage of the newfound stability and growth of the job market. Here are a few tips to renew your job search by crafting your resume to showcase yourself in the best possible light.


Making LinkedIn Work for You in Your Job Search

When you’re searching for a new job it’s easy to feel like you’re just one more in the herd. Utilizing the power of LinkedIn in addition to the traditional job boards and agencies can give you an advantage in your hunt.


Q.I keep getting invitations to connect on LinkedIn from people I don’t know. Should I accept those?

A. Having as large a network on LinkedIn as possible is important, but it’s equally important to have quality connections on LinkedIn. If this person you don’t know asked you to introduce them to somebody you do know, would you be willing to facilitate that introduction? If you wanted to meet with somebody who was a second degree connection would you be willing to ask somebody you don’t know to connect you? Would you like to start a conversation with these people to possibly get to know them virtually and expand your networks that way? There is no single right answer, but how you answer those questions may help you decide how you would like to manage your network of connections on LinkedIn.

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