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The Core

Uncovering a Company’s Corporate Culture is a Critical Task for Job-Seekers
by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Why should job seekers care about a potential employer’s corporate culture? Aren’t there more important factors to consider, such as the job itself, salary and bonuses, and fringe benefits? These factors are indeed important, but increasingly career experts are talking about the importance of employee-employer fit in terms of culture, with the idea that how well the employee "fits" the culture can make the difference between job-search success and failure.


September is “International Update Your Resume Month!”
by Robin Ryan

September has been declared "International Update Your Resume Month" to focus all workers on being pro-active and making sure they have a current resume that demonstrates their recent accomplishments and skills.


Q. I was fired from my last job. It was my fault and I know it. I've learned from my mistakes, but now I'm not sure what to do about references.

A. First, you might try asking what your company will share with people checking employment references. Especially if this was a large company with an HR department you may find that they will only discuss dates. You could also look for references from coworkers or managers in other departments who are familiar with your good qualities. The reason for leaving is likely to come up in your interviews as well, so you'll want to practice answering that question to emphasize how you've grown as a result of your experience and why things will be different if they were to hire you.


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