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Frequent Questions

What differentiates AppleOne from your competition?
Our focus is on delivering the fastest recruiting and staffing results possible while maintaining a high commitment to quality and service. We represent the very best people. We get them to you when you need them, and we do it with an unrivalled attention to service.

How many years has AppleOne been in business?
AppleOne was founded in 1964 by our president, Bernard Howroyd.

How much does your service cost?
AppleOne’s services are priced very competitively in relation to the market. In fact, when you consider your Cost of Vacancy and the ways AppleOne can help you to reduce that, most employers find that it is far more cost effective to work with AppleOne than to seek to hire a quality individual by more traditional means. Due to the high degree of customization inherent in the services AppleOne provides for you, it is impossible to know in advance what costs will apply specifically to your situation, but you can contact a local office to outline your needs and get a firm quote.

How many temporary employees are working with AppleOne?
AppleOne processes thousands of career seekers each day and our database, which you can search for yourself contains millions of screened, tested and qualified individuals ready to serve you.

What is AppleOne’s new hire procedure and how do you screen candidates?
AppleOne only represents the top 20% of available candidates. We have an intensive screening and evaluation procedure that all candidates must undergo before they are considered associates. All candidates are interviewed, screened and tested, and we require at least two positive work-related references. To further ensure a candidate’s viability, there are optional background and drug screening procedures available for our clients.

What benefits are available for your temporary employees?
Associates have access to a host of benefits to cover medical, dental and vision care. In addition, a 401(k) investment option grants our associates a practical solution to retirement planning. By offering a variety of employee benefits, we develop and maintain a stronger relationship with our associates. In this manner, we keep our associates protected and contented--reducing turnover and increasing quality.

Do you offer verification of employment services?
Obtain fast and accurate employment verifications for AppleOne temps through VOE Direct™.

How long will it take AppleOne to find quality professionals once an order is placed?
We put a lot of emphasis on delivering the fastest results possible. For temporary assignments, our median time to fill is just 27 minutes, and we provide 30 minute status updates to make sure you always know exactly what’s happening with your order.

What is AppleOne’s procedure when an associate does not work out?
As each new assignment gets underway, your representative contacts the appropriate supervisor to make sure that the temporary associate’s work performance is satisfactory. If an associate proves unsatisfactory for any reason, the employee will be replaced. Provided you notify AppleOne within the first day of assignment, there will be no charge for the day. We will also discuss appropriate credit whenever an associate’s work is unacceptable according to your performance standards.

For Direct Hires, we will stand behind our placements for up to five full years. If the employee leaves within 30 days, we will replace them or give you a full refund. If the employee leaves within 90 days, we will replace them or give you a prorated refund. If the employee leaves within 1 year, we will replace them at half your original investment, and with our 5•50 Premium extension we will extend our standard one year of coverage to five full years. If your employee leaves for any reason during that time, we will replace them for half your original investment.

What areas does AppleOne specialize in?
AppleOne’s full-service capabilities encompass a wide variety of fields and industries. AppleOne is an established employment services firm specializing in the following categories: Clerical and Administrative, Technical Staffing, Accounting and Finance Staffing, Medical and Dental Staffing, and Travel and Hospitality.

How does AppleOne handle requests for skill sets not held by associates in the database?
We utilize a number of recruiting methods including Referrals, Internet Recruiting, Traditional Recruiting and Networking to locate the ideal match for any position or skill you might need to find.

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